Getting Started

In an effort to make sure the committee can focus on the other aspects of running a campaign, we recommend creating the following engagement with Roger That Compliance:

  • First, we would recommend Roger That Compliance meeting with the committee for a comprehensive deep dive on the committee’s current accounting and compliance practices.
  • Second, Roger That Compliance would set up a cloud-based tracking system using the Google Docs office suite to complement the committee’s existing accounting software. This document allows for up to date cash on hand figures available to authorized campaign staff at any time of day, posting both pending and completed transactions.
  • Third, we would establish direct lines of communication to senior campaign staff and consultants. Having worked on both sides of the fundraising process, we appreciate the need for clear communication between campaigns and compliance professionals.


To provide the services outlined above, Roger That Compliance’s pricing is dependent on the size and scope of a committee. However we offer competitive prices and can work with each committee to ensure a pricing structure that fits both its budget and needs.


Our years of experience in this dynamically changing political environment let you focus on your goals. We’ll handle the rest.